Rep Goode (R – Va) write anti-Muslim letter

Congressman elect Ellison (D – Mn.) has already made a big splash.  He is a thougthful dynamic Congressman. He has been on my show which says something about him (i’m not sure what but something).  He is a religious Black man.  He is a muslim.  For some reason, folks seem to have a problem with him being a Muslim.  Congressman Goode (R – Va) clearly has some problems

The formal ceremony for being sworn into Congress requires that you pledge an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States.  There is no religious book involved.  Keith Ellison has elected to hold another ceremony for family, friends and supporters.  Many congressman do this.  In this ceremony he will have his hand on the Koran.  I’m not sure why this is a big deal for anyone.  Congressman Goode thinks it is a big deal.  I guess racism comes in all forms and flavors. 

Rosie on da' Donald

Tara Conner was given a second change by da Donald.  Personally, I really didn’t care.  I think that Rosie is completely right.  Donald is a media hound.  He loves to be in the spotlight.  Donald ain’t a moral authority and it ain’t 1955.  A 20 yo adult single female who is drop dead goregous should be doing what in the Donald’s mind?  Studying Shakespeare?  Studying to be his private secretary? 

Here’s a clip of Rosie on The View telling it like it is.  I cut off Donald Trump’s air time just because he is an egomaniac who doesn’t need time on my blog.  I know, I should be fair and I should.  But he gets on my nerves too.