More on the legalization of torture

Glenn Greenwald has an excellent piece on the Detainee Bill (which I commented on here).  His discussion is fabulous.  He includes information from current law professors and goes back to our founders to support our enlightened position that this bill is simply wrong.  There is no justification to give any president this much power.  None.

Speaker of the House Hastert asked FBI to investigate Foley

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has been sitting on this information for months.  Initially he denied that he knew anything about it.  On Sunday he has asked the FBI (looking at the video posted below, one must question whether the FBI is the appropriate agency since they have sat on this information for months.)  To investigate not only Congressman Foley and also members of a House to see if there is any wrongdoing.  Again, the party that is supposed to clean up corruption sure seems to be sweeping it under the rug until the spotlight of the national media shines upon it.

Now, the explanations start. Woodard is wrong. Bush is great.

Dan Bartlett is on Face the Nation.  He’s using the 9/11 commission as his fig leaf.  Dan Bartlett to lawyers so he squirms out of a lot of these questions but the facts remain.  Now, he does tell a couple of bold-faced lies.  He states that, “at every step of the way the president has given the commanders (in Iraq) what they wanted.”  Bob Schieffer does an admirable job.