What do Democrats believe?

Republicans are able to distill their ideas down into a couple of key words or phrases.  Democrats seem to get tongue-tied in a cacophony of noises that seems to resemble an epileptic seizure.  It is a list of five basic principles which I think cover most of the Democratic, liberal, progressive thinking.  I hope this catches on.

Stronger America
Prosperity for All
Better Future
Effective Government
Mutual Responsibility

so, how does it look?

Foley's political impact

It appears that the original outrage over Congressman Mark Foley has died down somewhat.  I’m not exactly sure why.  It seems like if whatever he did was wrong 2 weeks ago is still wrong today.  The same goes for Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert.  If he was asleep at the switch two weeks ago.  One should assume that he is still asleep at the switch.  There’s no evidence that has changed the fact that his office was informed he did nothing about it.

LKL – Bono

Outstanding interview.  This interview gives an excellent window into how Bono evolved into the rock star who has cultural awareness.  He truly understands the problems of Africa.  He used a Live Aid analogy.  He said that that concert raised approximate $250 million.  He said the debt that Africa countries owed to Western countries was approximately that per week.  Something had to change.