Apple admits to funky accounting

From WaPo:

Apple Computer disclosed yesterday that it had falsified approval of 7.5 million stock options for its chief executive and innovative co-founder, Steve Jobs, raising new questions about the role he may have played in a scandal that has swirled around the dynamic technology company for months.

Apple said in a pair of overdue earnings filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had recorded a fictitious meeting at which Jobs’s options were ratified and that he may have recommended the dates for some of the stock options issued to company employees. The company repeated yesterday that Jobs did not benefit from the options.

Apple’s board, which includes former vice president Al Gore, gave Jobs its full support. “The board of directors is confident that the Company has corrected the problems that led to the restatement, and it has complete confidence in Steve Jobs and the senior management team,” said the statement by Gore and Jerome York, who heads Apple’s audit and finance committee. (more…)

GOP in Kansas is splintering

If you haven’t read the book, What’s the Matter with Kansas?  You should.  It is great.  Anyway, this article shows that Kansas has figured out that the Republican Party is not doing the kinds of things that they have said that they were going to do. 

From WaPo:

Phill Kline is not one to slink away — and the ideological wars inside the Kansas Republican Party show no sign of ending.

The fiercely antiabortion Republican attorney general in Kansas lost his reelection bid in November when moderate Republicans voted in droves for Paul Morrison, a longtime Johnson County district attorney who became a Democrat in hopes of vanquishing Kline.

Statewide, Kline got barely 4 in 10 votes. In Johnson County, the state’s most populous county, his loss was more dramatic. That made it especially shocking after the election when Republican precinct leaders in the county chose Kline to finish the final two years of Morrison’s term as prosecutor. Continue reading GOP in Kansas is splintering