The Errington Thompson Show 12/23/06

My Christmas Show.  I don’t talk about politics much.  Most of the show is about music and the music of Christmas.  I grew up with music but around the holidays it was nothing but music.  Tons and tons of wonderful music.  Soul, pop, standards, gospel and jazz.  That’s what I listened to but since my show is only an hour, you’ll hear just a little taste of what I grew up with.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanakkah and Happy New Year.

(Posted late.)

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Eagles run all over the Cowboys

At this time of the season, you should have everything together.  You should be turning the corner to sprint into the playoffs.  With losses to New Orleans and Eagles, the Cowboys are dead in the water like a U-boat that has been hit.  The Cowboys are simply waiting for the next torpedo.  Now, don’t forget the Atlanta game.  Yes, the Cowboys won but our defense was awful.  That trend continued.  The offense got stoned.  The defense allowed…now get this – 204 yards on the ground to the EAGLES.  That’s an average of over 5 yards per carry.  Where were those great linebackers?  The secondary was so bad I really can’t comment on them.

The only reason that we have won any games in the last 4 weeks is because of our offense.  Our offense kept our defense off the field.

“We had a walk-in touchdown right there and the guy runs right by his man. Runs right by him,”coach Bill Parcells said.  Jerry Jones said it best, “It’s disappointing … I’m disgusted. I really am.”  I am too but now everyone can see why I didn’t jump on the Cowboy bandwagon.