The 110th Congress

Came across a new blog today that shows great promise. It’s called U.S. House Digest, and plans to provide a daily summary of the House’s activities in everyday, digestible language. Go take a peek. I was planning to hit on a few of the highlights of the “First 100 Hours” plan and found this during my searches.

Votes so far and summaries of issues:

Roll Call #1 – Attendance. Just like kindergarten. Everybody showed up. “Present”-435. “No Vote”-0. Now that we’re all here, let’s get down to business.

Roll Call #2 – Election for Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi wins, 233-202, on straight party lines, over John Boehner. How much trouble do you think you would be in if you crossed over on this vote? But seriously, John Boehner? From Abramoff ties, to Foley blind eyes, this guy has got lobbyist slime dripping all over him. I mean, handing out donation checks from tobacco companies on the House floor, while colleagues were discussing how to vote on tobacco subsidies? Nice. Continue reading The 110th Congress

When he's done reading my mail….

….maybe President Bush can move on and read the freaking Constitution, for chrissakes.

Remember that thing in there about the three branches of government? The Legislative, which makes the laws; the Executive, which executes the laws; and the Judicial, which interprets the laws? Remember that? I think it was on School House Rock, if I remember correctly. Maybe somebody could make a copy of the document and send it to me in the mail so that W might read the damn thing. Why the uproar, you may ask?

Well, once again, Shrubya seems to think that he is both the Executive and the Legislative branches all in one handy little plant (he is a shrub after all). The New York Daily News reported Thursday on one of his latest “signing statements” to have crawled out from under its rock. Continue reading When he's done reading my mail….