Army wants more money and resources

From NYT:

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is allowing the Army to approach White House budget officials by itself to argue for substantial increases in resources, a significant divergence from initial plans by Mr. Rumsfeld and his inner circle to cut the Army to pay for new technology and a new way of war.

With its troops and equipment worn down by years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army appears likely to receive a significant spike in its share of the Pentagon’s budget request when it goes to Congress early next year. Significantly, increases to the size of the Army made by Congress since 2001, amounting to 30,000 troops, have become a permanent fixture of the force, military and Congressional officials say.

Beyond that, the Army is discussing internally whether it should expand by tens of thousands more, as some in Congress have long advocated. This time, Mr. Rumsfeld is not standing in the way. His original vision for a transformed military called for leaner, more agile forces capitalizing on the latest technological innovations.  more

Where’s the Outrage? 9/30/06

Representative Susan Fisher is back in the house.  We interview Doug Jones who is running for the 114th district which includes Buncombe County.  The Detainee Detention bill was just passed by the Congress.  Well, they can’t be called a do nothing Congress any more.  They just tore up the constitution like it was an old math workbook.  Everybody should have the right to a fair trial.  Everyone!!  Oh, and don’t think we don’t have a few things to say about Congressman Mark Foley.  We discuss this and more…