The Errington Thompson Show – Interview with Congressman Elect Ellison

I have really talked up this interview because I believe that Keith Ellison is a special politician.  Yes, yes, he is the first Muslim in Congress.  That is not what makes him special.  He understands what Americans need.  Education, Fair Trade, Healthcare, Increasing the Minimum Wage and Hope.  This is an excellent interview (if I do say so myself).  I look forward to seeing what this freshman Congressman will do.  After listening to this interview if you are excited to see what this man can do I need to check your pulse.

The Spy who died (and pointed a finger at Moscow)


The number of sites contaminated in the Russian spy radiation alert has doubled to around 12 and is likely to rise again, British Home Secretary John Reid said.

He also disclosed that a fourth jetliner — three British Airways planes had been named the previous day — had also been caught up in the scare.

That Russian aircraft was later given a clean bill of health for traces of alpha radiation — the type emitted by polonium 210, the deadly radioactive element with which former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned.

Meanwhile Russian doctors said they had identified no natural cause for an ailment afflicting Yegor Gaidar, architect of Russia’s market reforms, Gaidar’s spokesman said on Thursday.

Gaidar, 50, became violently ill and was rushed to a hospital in Ireland, but was improving in a Moscow hospital Thursday.

Also on Thursday a coroner formally opened an inquest into the poisoning of Litvinenko, who died on November 23 after falling ill more than three weeks earlier. It was quickly adjourned so police could continue their investigation, but three pathologists were expected to participate in an autopsy Friday at Royal London Hospital.  more


This is a weird story.  I’m not sure what to make of it. 

RU-486 may suppress breast cancer cell growth

From LA Times: 

A sustained dose of RU-486, the so-called abortion pill, prevented breast cancer tumors in mice with a genetic mutation that made them highly susceptible to the disease, researchers at UC Irvine report today.

The mutation in a gene known as BRCA1 leads to uncontrolled cell growth in the mammary glands. About one in 800 women inherits a version of BRCA1 that is damaged in some way, and the National Cancer Institute estimates that up to 80% of such women will develop breast cancer.

Cancer researcher Eva Lee and colleagues figured that RU-486 could be used to block the hormone progesterone, whose unchecked production is believed to be a primary cause of hereditary breast cancer.

RU-486 binds to receptors that normally link with progesterone. It is used as an abortion pill because progesterone is needed in the uterus to maintain a pregnancy.  more


It is amazing what you can find out when you actually study a drug!!!  Interesting study.  Unfortunately, it does need more study.