No more newspeak.

New rule. You have to call things what they are.

Surge = Escalation.

There is absolutely nothing in the track record so far to suggest that putting another 20,000 troops in harm’s way is going to change the way things are going in Iraq.

The President and his Administration have not had one single thing go the way that they said it would go so far in this war. Why should we believe them at this point.

The tally so far:

3,015 U.S. military deaths

46,880 non-mortal U.S. military casualties (as of 12/02/06)

5,915 Iraqi military deaths

53,101 to 58,704 Iraqi civilian deaths

over $357,070,768,522 in Congressional Appropriations

1 dead dictator

1 civil war

0 weapons of mass destruction

Above info courtesy of Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, Iraq Body Count, and The National Priorities Project.

By the way, the above expenditures could have paid for 47,294,048 children to have attended a year of Head Start; or could have paid for health insurance for one year for 213,814,562 children; or could have hired 6,188,072 additional public school teachers for one year; or could have built 3,215,084 additional housing units; or could have provided four-year scholarships at public universities for 17,309,999 students.

But now we can’t.

Because we spent that money to blow shit up.


With Martin Luther King’s birthday coming up, I would like to try to do something insightful.  I think that the holiday is wasted in most places of this country.  Besides, getting a day off from school, shouldn’t we be doing more.  Race relations have been at a standstill for decades.  Is there nothing more to do?

Where to put the Bush Presidential Library?

Crawford is my vote.  Let’s be honest, SMU has never been a liberal bastion.  SMU was middle of the road leaning toward conservative in the heart of a very conservative town, Dallas.  It is interesting that Bush didn’t look at Harvard or Yale. 

From RS:

The New York Times’ Ralph Blumenthal is penning a piece for Wednesday’s Times which reveals that Southern Methodist University is trying to “allay concerns that pro-Bush politics” will infiltrate the school

“Mindful of reports that President Bush wants a conservative think tank with his presidential library, Southern Methodist University’s top official is trying to allay concerns that pro-Bush politics might spread through campus,” Blumenthal writes.

“Last month, SMU was named the sole finalist by the selection committee exploring possible sites for the library in Texas,” he adds. ( more… )