Choose Generosity, Not Exclusion by Congressman Keith Ellison

Did you see how an intelligent man gives an opponent the finger? Keith Ellison during his private swearing in ceremony used Thomas Jefferson’s Koran (I need to find out what the official spelling of this Holy Book is. I have seen it spelled a number of ways)!! It is hard to say that he isn’t patriotic now!

From WaPo:

Somewhere in Minneapolis or Jackson or Baltimore, somewhere in America today, there is a young couple that is feeling vulnerable. Maybe one has been laid off due to outsourcing, and maybe, the other is working for something close to a minimum wage. They probably have no medical benefits. Today real income is lower for the typical family than in 2000, while the incomes of the wealthiest families have grown significantly. Things are tough for working people, but in America, we often turn to our faith in tough times.When our couple shows up for worship service, probably on a Sunday, there is no doubt that the preacher will tell them of God’s unyielding love. “God loves you.” But the next thing the preacher tells them is crucial – not only to the young couple, but to us all. The next message from the preacher may help to shape, not only the next election results, but the political landscape of the nation.

Will the preacher tell our young couple, “God loves you – but only you and people like you?” Or will the preacher say “God loves you and you must love your neighbors of all colors, cultures, or faiths as yourselves”? One message will lead to be a stinginess of spirit, an exclusion of the “undeserving”, and the other will lead to a generosity of spirit and inclusion of all. Continue reading

Barack Obama – Op Ed in WaPo today

From WaPo:

A Chance to Change the Game
Written by Barack Obama

This past Election Day, the American people sent a clear message to Washington: Clean up your act.

After a year in which too many scandals revealed the influence special interests wield over Washington, it’s no surprise that so many incumbents were defeated and that polls said “corruption” was the grievance cited most frequently by the voters.

It would be a mistake, however, to conclude that this message was intended for only one party or politician. The votes hadn’t even been counted in November before we heard reports that corporations were already recruiting lobbyists with Democratic connections to carry their water in the next Congress.

That’s why it’s not enough to just change the players. We have to change the game. Continue reading

HB – Surge and what?

Nothing can be rolled out of this White House without a slogan.  Today’s slogan is Surge and Accelerate.  I know that the surge stands for more troops.  I’m not sure what the accelerate stands for?  Warp speed?  Fast withdrawal?  I’m not sure. All I know is that this White House has been a disaster.  I can’t think of one major policy that has worked for the American people.  I’m almost sure that this will be more of the same.