The week to come. Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick.

Spent too much time tonight watching the famed Ohio State juggernaut get its hat handed to it to write much in detail tonight. Suffice it to say that those in favor of a true college football playoff now have yet another year to point to in which the BCS flopped.

Anyway, Congress is back tomorrow bright and early and the 100 Hours will start ticking.

First up on the agenda is the implementation of the rest of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has the rest of the week’s schedule in his press release here. To quote:

The 100 hours schedule will proceed as follows:

Tuesday, January 9 – Implement the 9/11 Commission Recommendations

Wednesday, January 10 – Increase the Minimum Wage

Thursday, January 11 – Expand Stem Cell Research

Friday, January 12 – Allow Negotiation for Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Wednesday, January 17 – Cut Interest Rates on Student Loans

Thursday, January 18 – End Subsidies for Big Oil and Invest in Renewable Energy

Before the week is out, though, and immediately after President Bush unveils his “Clap Louder… Let’s Try Again” plan for Iraq on Wednesday night, the House is going to start digging into the Iraq mess. A CBS poll says that that’s what the people want… so that’s what they’ll get. Kind of refreshing. Because everything over the last few months had said that they were going to spend the first several weeks focusing on popular domestic agenda items before going after Iraq issues.

Instead, on Thursday, they are going to summons Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for her to try to defend whatever load of malarkey is unveiled on Wednesday. A House Armed Services Committee hearing previously scheduled for Jan. 19 is also being moved up in the schedule to Thursday and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Marine Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be asked to give their defense of the proposed plan. On the Senate side, the Foreign Relations Committee starts hearings on Iraq on Wednesday, grills Rice on Thursday, and digs into Gates and Pace on Friday.

Stay tuned.

Intelligence design?

I know that there’s a joke here that is so easy to make but I’ll have to pass. Probably a half a dozen of them. But I’m not in the mood for shooting fish in barrels today. I just have a question.

Who’s in charge of intelligence in the Bush Administration?

No, seriously…. Who’s in charge?





Isn’t it worrisome, or telling, or whatever….., that the top two spots at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the office that is supposed to correlate, corroborate, coordinate and otherwise oversee all of the various national intelligence agencies…… that those top two spots are empty. Continue reading Intelligence design?

So where does Dallas go from here

The Dallas Cowboys had the best season in a long time.  Well, that’s not really true.  They were 9 – 7 last year and they were 10 – 6 three years ago.  So what do we have over the last 4 years?  Bill Parcells proved that a good coach can made medrocre players play pretty well.  Over 4 years, we have searched for a quarterback. There was Quincy Carter who is now in jail if I’m not mistaken.  There was Vennie T who had peroids of brilliance.  There was Drew Bledsoe who had a few great games but also tended to hold the ball too long.  These 3 quarterbacks seem to have some of Tony Romo’s good traits and some of his bad habits. 

Tony Romo had the most up and down season that I think I have ever seen.  The NFL is not about being a flash in the pan.  It is about consistent performance.  That is not Romo.  November he was about as good as there was in the NFL.  His mistakes during this peroid did not result in ints at this time.  Now, December was other story.  Everyone of Romo’s mistakes was turned into ints and fumbles.  So which Romo is the one of the future?

In my really worthless opinion, I beleive that the Cowboys need some on the field leadership.  Someone like Michael Irvin.  Someone who has fire and spirit.  Someone who pushes his teammates and makes them better.  They need a go to receiver.  They need someone who will get the job done even when everyone knows who is going to get the ball.

On the defense they need they same type of player.  Some one who will take over the game.  We need someone will stand up and make a play.  Roy Williams isn’t that guy.  He will disappear sometimes.  Demarcus Ware may be that guy.  The Cowboys need a free safety in a bad way.  The defensive line seems to be unable to put pressure on the quarterback without help.  We need an inside linebacker who can make plays.

If the Cowboys fix a couple of things they can go deep into the playoffs next year.  If Parcells leaves the longest playoff victory drought in Dallas Cowboy history will continue for several years.