Democrats to control the House

It wasn’t long ago the Dem’s were licking their wounds from 2004.  Complete incompetence mixed with a particularly vile type of arrogance gave the Democrats a window of opportunity.  The continued deaths in Iraq.  The chaos in Iraq.  The lack of a coherent plan.  The Dubai Port deal.  The attempt to steal Social Security.  An economy that’s making the rich richer and everyone else is asked to bend over.

I had an opportunity to speak with Tom Daschle on Sunday night.  He and I were riding the same plane going to Atlanta.  I asked him a rhetorical question — can you name any policy that President Bush has implemented that is actually benefit the American people?  Then I qualified this question by saying any major policy.  Neither one of us could think of any.  You have No Child Left behind, Stem Cell Research, Healthy Forests, Energy Policy — not one of these have been helpful to the American people.  (On a personal note, it was a great thrill to talk with Senator Daschle in person, especially since, I interviewed him on my show not two weeks ago.)

It will still be another couple of hours before we find out the outcomes of the Senate races.  It appears that the race in Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri are going to be extremely close.

Final Comment before Voting Starts

There are several of great progressive blogs and web sites.  This was from Jerome Armstrong’s MyDD.

This site will be tracking electoral problems tomorrow:

Read it.  Know it.  Submit problems to it.  

(Update, Jerome)

Also, Common Cause has a voter hotline (1-866-MyVote1) that allows voters to call in and record their problems they’re having on Election Day.


Crooks and Liars has some great vids.  Daily Kos has a ton of last minute stuff.

Finally, a prediction from The Left Coaster, a quiet thoughtful blogger.


I don’t have any secret words of wisdom.  Just vote and don’t let anyone stop you from exercising your constitutional right!  Our forefathers fought for this right. 

Reasons to vote Democratic:

Bin Laden
Border Security
Civil Liberty
Civil Rights
Energy Policy
Foreign Policy

Habeus Corbus
North Korea
Science and Research
Supreme Court and Justice
War on Terror