With Martin Luther King’s birthday coming up, I would like to try to do something insightful.  I think that the holiday is wasted in most places of this country.  Besides, getting a day off from school, shouldn’t we be doing more.  Race relations have been at a standstill for decades.  Is there nothing more to do?

Where to put the Bush Presidential Library?

Crawford is my vote.  Let’s be honest, SMU has never been a liberal bastion.  SMU was middle of the road leaning toward conservative in the heart of a very conservative town, Dallas.  It is interesting that Bush didn’t look at Harvard or Yale. 

From RS:

The New York Times’ Ralph Blumenthal is penning a piece for Wednesday’s Times which reveals that Southern Methodist University is trying to “allay concerns that pro-Bush politics” will infiltrate the school

“Mindful of reports that President Bush wants a conservative think tank with his presidential library, Southern Methodist University’s top official is trying to allay concerns that pro-Bush politics might spread through campus,” Blumenthal writes.

“Last month, SMU was named the sole finalist by the selection committee exploring possible sites for the library in Texas,” he adds. ( more… )