Pentagon and CIA peaking in your bank accounts

For some reason this is news today.  If you read James Risen’s book, State of War, then you knew this information months ago, sort of.  The book didn’t explictedly state that the CIA was looking at our bank accounts but it did tell us the type of information that the FBI and CIA had.  Bank accounts are not that much of stretch.  Risen’s book is great.   It is a must read for anyone who is interested in our government!


The Pentagon and to a lesser extent the CIA have been using a little-known power to look at the banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage within the United States, according to a published report.

“It is our understanding that the intelligence community agencies make such requests on a limited basis,” said Carl Kropf, a spokesman for the Office of the National Intelligence Director, which oversees all 16 spy agencies in the government.

The so-called national security letters permit the executive branch to seek records about people in terror and spy investigations without a judge’s approval or grand jury subpoena. Government lawyers maintain the legal authority for such tactics is years old and was strengthened by the Patriot Act.  (more…)

Colts and Saints move on in the playoffs



Yesterday was one of those magical days in the National Football League. Days like Saturday did not come around that often anymore. One of the reasons that Saturday was special was because it was the playoffs. More importantly, both for the game Saturday were good games.

Since parity was achieved in the NFL, mediocrity has reigned. Every team has a couple of marquee players. Almost every team has an opportunity to win on any given Sunday. This is clearly a good thing if you live in someplace like Phoenix or Tampa. These teams have been chronically mediocre. “Parity” has been a terrible thing if you live in someplace like Pittsburgh or Dallas.

Four years ago we saw the impact of coaching on the NFL. Bill Parcells took over a very mediocre Dallas Cowboy team. He clearly showed that coaching was worth three or four victories per year. Three or four victories per year are the difference between making the playoffs and watching the playoffs. Continue reading Colts and Saints move on in the playoffs

Moron du jour

Thus begins an irregularly-scheduled occasional series devoted to whomever I find deserving.

Our inaugural hypocritical candidate is House Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA-01)

Representative Kingston first bubbled onto the radar screen when he protested against the indignity, the horror, the inhumanity that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was inflicting upon him by requiring that he actually work five days a week. When the three-day work week of the “Do-Less Than Nothing” 109th Congress was kicked to the curb in early December, Rep. Kingston whimpered:

“Keeping us up here eats away at families. Marriages suffer. The Democrats could care less about families — that’s what this says.” Continue reading Moron du jour