Buffalo: In a World of Snow

When I was very young, we lived in Buffalo. I have very few memories of Buffalo since we moved away when I was six. I do remember my father opening the front door and the snow being up to his chest. I also remember cutting my finger with a straight razor blade, but that’s another story. :-)

Way too much snow!

It seems to me that over the next several days things are going to get worse and not better in Buffalo. The snowing looks like it has stopped. There is a warming trend. Some of that snow is going to melt. Where is all of that water going to go? More roofs are going to collapse. I don’t think that any roof is rated for seven feet of snow. Hopefully I’m wrong, but, man, did they get a ton of snow! Let’s hope the governor has sent the National Guard to help with snow removal. I’m sure that someone has a plan for where to move all of that snow.

From Buffalo News:

Roofs caved in under the unbearable weight of 5, 6 even 7 feet of snow.

Food was scarce, people were running out of medicine and thousands lost power, at least for a few hours.

And the death toll from back-to-back blasts of a historic lake-effect storm rose to 10.

Police begged drivers to abide by driving bans. The county executive scolded the National Football League about reports the league was encouraging the Bills to play at Ralph Wilson Stadium this Sunday as scheduled, but Thursday night, it was announced that the game with the New York Jets would be played Monday night in Detroit.

Through it all, thousands of people remained snowbound in their homes, many of them unable to even open their doors because of snow piled up. (more…)

Snowing in Buffalo. Really Snowing!

Wow, did they get hit hard with snow.

From the Buffalo News:

As the snow stops falling, and Western New Yorkers ready for a great thaw, the toll of this week’s historic lake effect snowstorm is becoming clearer.

The death toll reached ten people on Thursday, with the two latest victims dying from exposure. The bulk of the rest suffered cardiac issues. One lost his life trying to push his car out of the snow after venturing out on the roads, despite a driving ban.

Local leaders from the county executive to U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer were totalling the recovery expenses, and started laying the groundwork for the area to become designated a federal disaster area. Continue reading

Similarities between Adrian Peterson and Bill Cosby

All-star running back Adrian Peterson has been embroiled in a legal battle for more than two months, leaving him sidelined. It appears that Adrian Peterson decided to discipline his young son. The discipline, according to the Houston Chronicle, consisted of grabbing a tree branch and striking his son repeatedly. At first glance, no big deal. Then again, let’s think about this. Is beating your 4-year-old really the best way to exact punishment? This is not 1965.

If some can consider Rudy Giuliani America’s mayor, then I’m positive we can qualify Bill Cosby as America’s father. Bill Cosby has been on our TVs as a constant presence for over 50 years. From I Spy to numerous appearances on the Tonight Show; from the cartoon Fat Albert to the beloved Cosby Show, we’ve always loved Bill Cosby. His humor always seems to be perfect. He isn’t too over the top. He doesn’t curse or swear (at least not in his usual routines). How can America’s father be a serial rapist? It is crazy to think about. It is crazy to comprehend. But, at last count, there are 14 women who accuse Bill Cosby of drugging them and sexually assaulting them. Unfortunately, I think it’s nearly impossible for us, as outsiders, to be able to make any intelligent decisions one way or the other. We don’t have enough information. All I can tell you is that 14 women rarely stand up and point at one guy. It is hard for me to believe that 14 women all just want to ruin Bill Cosby and take his money. I would love to believe that Bill Cosby is a smiling, Jell-O pudding eating father whom we’ve all grown to love over the years, but this may be a façade.

Slowly but surely our society is changing. Hopefully, we are changing for the better. It is not okay to beat your kids so severely that your kids have physical scars from the encounter. Adrian Peterson has been suspended for the rest of the NFL season without pay.

It is not okay to sexually assault women. As a matter fact, it’s never been okay. It’s only now that women feel empowered enough to step forward and and tell their stories. NBC has cancelled the newest Bill Cosby show and they should have done this weeks ago. For the sake of Bill Cosby and for the sake of the women, I hope we can find some resolution. I’m talking about resolution in front of a jury of his peers. Let him clear his name or be found guilty. Let these women have some resolution. Let these women have justice.