The Reality of Main Stream Media

There is a reason that Donald Trump is dominating the Republican Party. This isn’t nuclear physics. The main stream media has been under attack for its handling of candidates for decades. So, what the MSM had decided to do was to always present two sides of every topic. There is a right and left side presented for everything. Cat gets stuck in a tree – right and left. Should we bomb Russia – right and left. 

Somewhere in the right-left thing the media has stopped asking the important questions. If you say all immigrants from Mexico are criminals, then someone in the media must ask the question – where is the data to support your claim? Sure, there are some immigrants who are criminals, but all of them?

So, if you aren’t going to ask tough questions, what is the point of the media? Running for president has becomes a reality TV show. Who is better prepared to play a reality TV star? Donald Trump. 

Donald’s plan is simple  – say something or do something outrageous every week. Let’s talk about Carly’s looks. “I didn’t mean that.” Attack Meagan on Fox News. Attack John McCain on of the GOP’s sacred cows. At no point has he ever put together a real plan on how he is going to do anything. 

Until we decide that we want, more of this is what we get. 

Scott Walker drops out

Scott Walker drops out of the presidential race.

I thought that Scott Walker would be a strong candidate. He did battle progressives in Wisconsin and has won most of those battles. He had the Koch brothers in his back pocket. I’m guessing that wasn’t enough. I thought that having a SuperPAC with super amounts of moolah would help candidates keep going and going. Nope, that’s not happening. I guess you need more than a billionaire in your back pocket in order to keep your campaign going.

And now the finger pointing begins:

In interviews, more than a dozen allies and donors said Walker was poorly served by Wiley, who rapidly built out a staff of more than 90 in Madison. Supporters complained that the campaign had an infrastructure better suited to an actual presidential nominee, including high-priced consultants and a full-time photographer who was hired to travel with the candidate.

“Under the national campaign strategy that Wiley had built up, you couldn’t sustain it,” said one major Walker fundraiser. “They needed to run a much smaller, outsider-style campaign.”

Wiley strongly disputed the notion that he allowed the campaign’s spending to get out of control.

“I think everyone needs to put in perspective that in order to get someone prepared to run for president of the United States, you need staff,” he said in the interview. “I don’t think we grew too quickly. I don’t buy that. I think every person on this campaign served a specific role to make sure the governor was ready.”

“We didn’t have a spending problem,” Wiley added. “We had a revenue problem.”

Donations began dwindling in mid-August after Walker’s tentative performance in the first Republican debate, according to several people familiar with the figures.