The national polls as we have seen in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina are tightening. Barack Obama has closed the gap as more and more people look at who he is. 20 states are up for grabs.

Thom Hartmann was playing the middle of the road today on his program. Ed Schultz was trying to see what is the difference between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I’m sorry that’s all of the talk radio that I could stand today. Some days an hour is too much. In over 3 hours of listening, no one mentioned Iraq or the Iraq war vote. No one. I just find that curious. The other thing that no one had mentioned how Hillary is a polarizing figure. Evan Byah mentioned how Hillary reached out to republicans when she first got into the Senate. Interesting that he didn’t mention one piece of legislation that came out of that alliance.

Where’s Mike Gravel? Let’s all vote for him!! Not! I’m just joking.

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