Dennis Kucinich on the War

Representative Dennis Kucinich is known more for his beautiful wife than his policies.  He isn’t getting much play in the press.  He has lots of problems to overcome in order to get into the “top” tier.  He hasn’t really raised any money (less than a million by last count).  Therefore he can’t buy ads and can’t get his message out.  One appearance on the Ed Schultz show ain’t going to help him much.  In spite of all this, last night, I thought his answer to Iraq was the most correct.

0 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich on the War

  1. Dennis is the only PRO-PEACE candidate. The others are talking about continuing the war indefinitely. The American people do not want infinite war. It is about time that people sit up, take notice and listen to what this guy says.

  2. Anita –

    Thanks for your comments.

    Dennis has said some very thoughtful things in this debate.

    I’m not sure that I interpreted what the other candidates said as infinite war. Instead, they didn’t want to be boxed into a position no matter what the conditions were on the ground. I know that John Edwards and Barak Obama want to get our troops out as soon as possible.