I kind of felt sick when I read that Fallujah had fallen to the insurgents/Al Qaeda remnants in Iraq. It’s kind of sad when you think of all of the ¬†blood that we spilled and now it seems that we did that for nothing. If you don’t remember, there was a huge battle for Fallujah back in 2003 and another huge battle in 2004. Americans lost over 150 servicemen.

From USA Today:

Al-Qaeda militants have seized Fallujah, a key city in western Iraq, engaging Iraqi army forces in pitched battles there in a brazen challenge to Iraq’s central government.

“The whole of Fallujah is taken,” said Qasim Abed, a member of the provincial council in the region and the former governor of Anbar. “The situation is very bad.”

Abed was reached Saturday by phone from his home in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar, a mostly Sunni region west of Baghdad. He said militants have occupied police stations and government buildings throughout Fallujah and are also controlling limited parts of Ramadi.

Later Saturday, police had positioned themselves on the edge of Fallujah, head of the Anbar province police force Hadi Razeij said while speaking on Arabic language satellite broadcaster al-Arabiya.

It is critically important that we may remember why we left Iraq. We left Iraq for two main reasons, according to my interpretation. For one thing, we really had no reason to be there in the first place. Secondly, we were policing an internal civil war. Although I feel badly, I don’t think that we need to be jumping in planes and invading Fallujah.