Another Copter goes down

This is the 8th helicopter to be shot down in Iraq this month.  THIS MONTH!!

Almost lost in this story is the dirty explosion in Baghdad.  A car bomb with chlorine gas in the car exploded.  Chlorine gas (as known as mustard gas) adds a deadly punch to the explosion.  I have no idea if the chlorine would intensify the explosion.  Chlorine is a highly reactive chemical. 

Iraq keeps going from bad to worse.

  • margaret Holloway

    I saw where there were a few of the chlorine blasts. Some didn’t explode like they had intended. But what does it do to the body? How fast? Your professional opinion I know this stuff is bad. But how bad?

  • Chlorine gas is extremely toxic. Even if you don’t inhale it, the gas can eat skin and burn eyes. this is why Chlorine gas is outlawed internationally.