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Hurricane Harvey #3

Everyone in the US should be aware of the terrible disaster that is unfolding in Texas. I’m hoping that everyone learned the lessons of Katrina. I know that nobody is supposed to bring up Katrina but the lessons are important. Katrina was caused by a failure of local, state and federal agencies to work together to protect the most vulnerable. Texas is a big state with tremendous wealth and soul crushing poverty. Texas has always had a great emergency management department. I hope and pray that they are ready for this huge test.

From the Weather Channel:

Thousands of homes are taking on water and hundreds of people are trapped and stranded in rising floodwaters across the Houston metro after Harvey dumped more than two feet of rain. More than 1,000 people have been rescued across the area so far as the death toll from Harvey rose to three.

“There is life-threatening, catastrophic flooding happening now in Southeast Harris County,” Jeff Lindner of the Harris County Flood Control District told The Weather Channel.

Two people have died in the Houston area in flood-related deaths as torrential rain continues to fall, according to the National Weather Service, which also noted in a statement that “the breadth and intensity of this rainfall is beyond anything experienced before.”

Dr. Greg Postel, meteorologist and hurricane specialist for The Weather Channel, said the flooding unfolding in the Houston area “could be the worst flooding disaster in U.S. history;” and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, appearing on Fox News Sunday, said: “We’re measuring rain these days not in inches but in feet.” (more…)


Hurricane Harvey 2

This storm remains a serious threat to South Texas. It looks like wind and rain are going to be around for a while. Be safe.

Weather Channel:

Hurricane and tropical storm-force winds are still occurring. A sustained wind of 57 mph and a gust of 83 mph reported Saturday morning near Victoria.

A Texas Coastal Ocean Observing Network station at Aransas Pass reported sustained winds of 102 mph and a wind gust of 132 mph Friday night.

Rainfall amounts of more than 10 inches have already accumulated in southeast Texas, including 14.46 inches near Austwell. (more…)