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Dumbest Commercial Award – Volkswagen Tiguan


I’m sorry I can’t tell you how bad this commercial is. Now, what does a gorilla, a blow up balloon gorilla, have to do with a car? I have no idea. The tag line, “The new king of the concrete jungle” is just stupid.

So, if you study movies, this commercial is even dumber. The original King Kong had a ton of racial and sexual over tones. You don’t have to be genius to figure it out. King Kong represents the big, uneducated, sexually charged black male. The heroine is the virginal, beautiful and innocent.

Now whether you buy into this meme or not, it is hard to look at this commercial without seeing some of these same overtones.

Dear Volkswagen,  Kill this commercial. Thanks.

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Al Jarreau – Roof Garden

Artist: Al Jarreau
Tune: Roof Garden

For the last several weeks, I have been celebrating the life of Al Jarreau.

So, I have been slowly counting down (in the wrong order) my favorite Al Jarreau tunes.

  1. Since I fell for you
  2. Wee B DoinIt
  3. Better Than Anything
  4. Spain

At #5 I put Roof Garden. Al Jarreau had an amazing voice that was meant for Jazz. He or his people really, really wanted Al to be top 10 hitmaster. Al had several minor hits but nothing that busted the charts.  Breakin’ Away was his most commercial/crossover album. It was released in 1981. We’re in This Love Together was his monster hit but Roof Garden was his attempt at a dance/boogie tune.  It is a fun tune. I love Al’s vocals in this tune.


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