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Mary Tyler Moore

For those of you who didn’t grow up in the ’60s and ’70s, you will not understand. This was a time when everyone was home by or six or seven o’clock in the evening. Everyone was home, reading or watching television. One of the funniest sitcoms of all time was the Dick Van Dyke Show. Mary Tyler Moore played the namesake’s wife, Laura. Her character was shy, though funny in her shyness. She didn’t wear the dresses which were typical of the time. She wore pants. Although her character loved her husband, Rob (Dick Van Dyke), she didn’t take any garbage from him. This was very different for the time.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show broke new ground. (Remember that this show came to us at the same time as All In the Family and M*A*S*H. These shows were funny, but they were also about social and political commentary.) Mary played Mary Richards, a single woman who worked for a male chauvinist boss. The show was a huge hit. It was funny. It was heartwarming. Mary stood up for what was right; not because she was some sort of activist, but because she believed that it was right. Although she dated, she was comfortable being single. This was unheard of at the time when the series aired. What warm-blooded, American woman would be okay with being single? Hell, Mary made it okay.

She did win awards, but never got her props. She played women who were strong.

In her personal life, she started MTM productions, which produced the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda (a spin-off from the Mary Tyler Moore Show), The Bob Newhart Show and Hill Street Blues, which was the forerunner of the modern police show.

I loved her shows and admired the strength that injected into her characters. Mary Tyler Moore – RIP!

Deadpool – Really fun, but not for everyone


So, I like superhero movies. I can’t help myself. Hell, I tried to like Elektra. (The movie was awful. Terrible script. Jennifer Garner tried but couldn’t save it.) Deadpool was either going to be great or awful. There would be no in-between.

Basically, you take a guy who was wronged. He spends the whole movie chasing down the guy who wronged him. What makes Deadpool fun is the combination of locker room humor and over the top action. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the jokes aren’t funny. As a matter of fact, I think that the writers knew that some of the jokes weren’t funny, but they kept them in the movie because this wasn’t about the perfect joke. It was about a guy who joked – some jokes were great and some bombed.

If you are looking for a movie that is a little different and you don’t mind a high body count then go check out Deadpool. You should have some fun.

News Roundup – Sony hacked, Cuba and Colbert


So, as I understand it, North Korea hacked Sony Pictures because of the new movie called the Interview. This movie looks very, very stupid with Seth Rogen who specializes in movies that suck IQ points out of your head. Sony has decided not to release the picture.  Sony is basically buckling to threats from North Korea. George Clooney has it right, “The truth is, it’s all new territory and nobody knows how to handle it. I don’t think anyone was prepared for it. So now we’ll be prepared for it, hopefully. Everybody was doing their jobs, but somehow, we have allowed North Korea to dictate content, and that is just insane.”

Obama announced that we would change our policy toward Cuba.  The purpose of sanctions was to force the collapse of the Castro government. After 50 years, the Castro government still stands. Would another 50 years of sanctions do the trick? I doubt it. Yep, I know that many in the GOP are outraged.  Is anyone surprised? Unfortunately, to normalize relations with Cuba, both houses of Congress will have to approve this measure. This is highly unlikely to happen. Maybe Cuban Americans can pressure Congress into action?

From WaPo (I should have some video later):

“If all we achieved over the last nine years was to come into your home each night and help you make a difficult day a little better — man, what a waste,” Colbert said, but offered this: “Nation I want you to know, if i had to do it all again, if I could do it with you, I would do it the same.” The Colbert Report reminds me of the David Letterman Show when it first started. The Letterman Show was described as the world’s biggest inside joke. For those who got the joke, Letterman was funny as hell. Those who didn’t were lost. The same with Colbert. There were jokes on so many levels. Basically, you have Stephen Colbert playing an ultra-conservative talk show host. He constantly pointed out the stupid craziness of Fox News and other conservatives thru this character.  His interview with Lynn Westmoreland (R-Georgia) was classic. Westmoreland was pushing to have the 10 Commandments placed on/in court houses. Stephen asked if there was anywhere more appropriate for the commandments to be posted. Westmoreland responded nope. Of course, the right answer would be in a church or temple. The combination of Colbert’s seriousness and Westmoreland’s cluelessness was priceless. Making liberal points while playing a conservative news anchor: how novel. I’ll miss the Colbert Report.

I’ll add some links later.