Movies – Last Vegas, Gravity, Thor – The Dark World

Last Vegas – Simply a fun movie. This is Hangover meets Grumpy Old Men (need to give my sister credit for that analogy!) There is some great acting, but the script is so predictable it detracts from the movie. Just sit back and enjoy. It was really funny.

Gravity – Much better than I thought it would be. The movie is really, really beautiful to watch. You do need to see the movie in 3-D. Sandra Bullock is outstanding. This is her Cast Away (Tom Hanks). For a lot of the movie, she is by herself in space. If it hasn’t left the theaters, go see this movie if you love movies. If you love action or a complex plot, this movie has neither.

Thor – The Dark World – Marvel has learned how to make Superhero movies. I can’t explain why Iron Man 3 was so mediocre or why SpiderMan the remix with a terrible Peter Parker and Lizard Man was also just so-so. Thor is Thor, but what makes Thor interesting is Loki. He is a very interesting character. Loki has tons of conflict; with his mother and father, with his brother, with himself. The actor Tom Hiddleston somehow plays Loki just perfectly. Yes, for the women, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is great eye candy. Thor – The Dark World is a very enjoyable movie.

Now, I just wanted to add Samuel L Jackson’s new Capital One commercial. He is simply one of the most convincing spokespeople that I have seen in a long time. Heck, I also felt like getting up and getting a Capital One card right then…but, I didn’t.