The Wisconsin aftermath

By now, everybody should know that Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, won the recall election. The question is what we will have learned in the Wisconsin aftermath. For my money, I need to go back to the 50-state strategy that Howard Dean employed. Here is a map of Wisconsin by county.

We cannot concede every single rural county to Republicans. We have to contest everywhere. Until we are able to get out a viable message to rural America, we’re going to continue to lose races that we should win.

  • JeffMahigian

    What is it about the rural county people that they consistently vote against their best interests?  Most are not rich.  They seem to think that everybody who lives in a city is an evil lazy govt benefit sucker.

  •  @JeffMahigian I simply believe that we are not effectively communicating to this group of Americans. They are, for the most part, Americans who are not awash in information. Instead, they will fit into the category of low information voters. These are extremely hard-working Americans. They are extremely independent. Yet, somehow, they are getting the wrong message. We have to fix this. This should be one of the places that we focus our energies.
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