The latest on RussiaGate

I have really, really tried to take a break from politics. I just get tired of fighting all of the time. Politics is about fighting for every idea, every word and every breath. I don’t think that it is possible to fight effectively all of the time. Even Joe Frazier didn’t fight every day and he was one of the greatest fighters of all-time.

So we KNOW that Russia used a 3 pronged approach to help elect Donald Trump and destroy the chances for Hillary to get elected.

1) Infiltrate Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

2) Attack the DNC and DCCC

3) Use social media to stir confusion

Obama understood the problem. He wanted to put out a nonpartisan statement stating that the Russians were interfering with our election. Obama knew that if he made a huge announcement at the White House that it would be seen as partisan. Republicans would have called foul. So, Obama got the Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and Senate together. He wanted them to put out a joint statement. This would have been supported by the intelligence community but Mitch “I’m NOT a patriot” McConnell would not sign on. So the joint statement never happened.

This nonsense from Trump is just that. Nonsense. He would have fallen on the floor and had a seizure if Obama would have held a prime time news conference and layed out all of the information that we had about the hack.

Look there are very few things that are certain in the world. I feel pretty certain that the sun will rise tomorrow. I’m also certain that Putin hates Hillary Clinton and wanted to do everything in his power to swing the election away from Hillary to Trump.

This week we see the cause and effect. Trump asked for Russia interference and within hours the Russias swung into action. Cause and Effect.

No matter how many stupid charts the Republicans throw up they can’t escape the fact that Putin hated Hillary and wanted to make sure that anyone other than Hillary would be elected. He wanted to sew the seeds of confusion and Trump was the perfect man for the job. Trump is perfect. He isn’t really a republican but Republicans love the fact that he is pro-business. The GOP is allowing our president to stumble and bumble his way thru his presidency. Trump is alienating our allies and saying great things about North Korea and Russia. Trump is starting a trade war with everyone which can only help Russia.

Whether you believe that Putin loves Trump or hates Hillary isn’t important to this story. The facts are that Russia DID hack our election. The other fact is if we don’t do something about this hack, it will happen again.

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Urban News: Happy New Year

I wrote this in January for the Urban News in Asheville.

Happy New Year to you and yours. I love the idea of the new year and starting over. Don’t you wish we could redo the election? Unfortunately, there are no do-overs in life.

Giving Your Money to the Very Wealthy

So, if you remember, the GOP sped through a tax cut just before they got out of Washington for their Christmas break. Remember the GOP line—“Everyone will get a tax cut.” Well, that may have been what they set out to do. But that’s not what they did. If you make less than $500,000, then you get a tax increase. Those Americans who make less than $30,000 get run over by a MACK truck with this legislation. The Child Income Tax Credit that has helped so many Americans with children (remember how the GOP says that they love kids) has been dramatically cut. There’s still no funding for the CHIP program. Also, millions of America households will lose a large portion of their mortgage deduction.

By now, we should know that when our Tweeter-in-Chief decides to tweet something, it is probably not random. (It maybe something he saw on Fox two minutes earlier.) Many of his tweets are designed to get you mad or irritated. So, during this Tax Giveaway to the Wealthy, Trump tweeted that we will move our embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. What?

Jerusalem is the center of the religious world for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. There are sensible reasons the embassy now sits in Tel Aviv—for one thing, to keep pressure on Israel and Palestine to negotiate a two-state solution. It’s been that way for 30 years. Second, this will cost us, hard-working Americans, hundreds of millions if not a billion or so dollars to make this crazy move. Finally, the announced move sends a clear message to the Arab nations that we simple do not care about them or their issues.

And what a great distraction! The mainstream media went nuts over the embassy move, and progressives were so busy yelling about it that they stopped yelling about the unfairness of taking money out of the pockets of millions of Americans to help give $1.5 trillion to large corporations and the top 0.1% of Americans.

Also, the tweet allowed the GOP to lock down the votes of those Senators who seemed like—or at least pretended—that they care for the poor and the middle class, like Susan Collins of Maine. It also gave cover to self-defined “budget hawks” like Bob Corker of Tennessee, who insisted “I won’t vote for any bill that adds a single penny to the deficit,” and then turned around and happily voted to add $1.5 trillion dollars to that same deficit. So the tax “reform” passed on a party-line vote: every Republican for it, every Democrat opposed.

Oh, wait, the new numbers from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities estimates the total cost of this giveaway will be $2.2 trillion. This reverse-Robin-Hood handout will make our deficit more than 10% bigger than it already is. It is a disaster for our country.

Don’t be fooled again

Now, Trump returns to the White House from playing four or five rounds of golf and he is hot. He is mad. He is in a fever over this new book that is coming out. Like always, he has his lawyers sending out cease-and-desist orders. Trump is throwing around the word “libel.” And the media, once again, is eating this stuff up.

Why? I don’t care if Trump and Steve Bannon are buddies. I don’t care if they get in a fist fight on Pennsylvania Ave (my money is on Bannon). This is yet another distraction. What is more important is that Trump said that our nuclear weapons were bigger than North Korea’s. This is insane. There is no other way to describe it. North Korea is a problem without a reasonable solution.

Let’s just say that we follow our U.S. ambassador’s statement. Ambassador Nikki Haley said that we cannot tolerate a nuclear North Korea. OK, so now what? North Korea is just 40 miles from Seoul, South Korea. North Korea does not need nuclear weapons. They can simply lob hundreds of cheap Scud missiles and tens of thousands of South Koreans, our close ally, will die. Just a peek at any map and you see that Japan, another close American ally, isn’t much farther away from North Korea. Although North Korea does not have tomahawk missile technology, they do have missiles that can reach Hawaii and California. How many American lives are we willing to risk? 100? 1,000? 10,000?

A lot of those Neocon types say that we just need to send in some Navy SEALS to deal with them. So these SEALS are going to sneak into a closed, militarized society undetected, and locate the North Korean leadership, and take ’em out? That works on NCIS and in John Wayne movies, but not in real life. Guns and bullets and bombs are not going to fix this problem.

Starting a war with a country that has no moral standards is NOT a good idea. I don’t think that Kim Jong Un cares if hundreds of thousands or even millions of his own people die, as long as he can say that they stood up to the U.S. Oh, and for those of you who believe that we should use diplomacy, don’t lose heart. Diplomacy worked for years. Then we, okay, not we. Our former president GWB called North Korea part of the axis of evil. Well, the North Koreans read the tea leaves. They kicked their nuclear program into high gear and they kicked diplomacy to the door.

Trump is unhinged

There was a huge article in the New Yorker about our president, Donald J. Trump. The article describes his dysfunctional cabinet. It talks about the fact that he really doesn’t sit down and allow aides to inform him. That details are not for him. He doesn’t read. He looks at hours and hours of Fox News.

Yet didn’t we know all of this before the election? We’ve always known that Trump is a rich man who only cares about money and maybe his family. That’s it. He doesn’t care about the environment or healthcare or any of that “policy stuff.” He cares about money. And maybe his ego. Period.

To be honest, I don’t need to read any more articles about how White House aides are running scared. I do not care that Trump can’t or won’t control his temper. This is not news. It’s not news that Trump won’t change, and we can’t change Trump.

What we can do—what we have to do—is win the House in 2018. Then we can block his agenda. We must also win the Senate in 2020 (if not this Fall) and the White House. We need to win and win big. We have so much work to do. We need to start now!

Happy New Year!!!

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What is a Progressive?

I wrote this article for the Urban News back in December.

In November 2016, it is time for us to reassess who we are. What do we believe in? Since Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss earlier this month, I have heard a lot of … well, crazy talk. “Let us move to Canada.” “Let us impeach the president elect.” “Let us move to California and secede from the union.” And there have been hundreds of others.

Does this sound very similar to the garbage that conservatives were spewing when Barack Obama won in 2008? We laughed at that rhetoric then and we called it crazy talk. We scolded conservatives and asked them if they truly love this country. Now, we need to look in the mirror and decide if we truly love the United States of America. Our talk about resistance and overthrow is, for the most part, wrong. It is treasonous.

So, as a progressive, what do you believe in? Now, I cannot speak for everyone, but I can tell you that I believe in a society in which the individual is given an opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential, no matter what side of the tracks they grow up on.

This means that I believe in public education. Not vouchers. Not charter schools. I want our public schools to be the best in the world.

We need to teach our children how to think critically. This doesn’t mean teaching our kids who to pass a winner-take-all test. (more…)

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