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Media Playing Up Party Division

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Was Senator Hillary Clinton on the short list? Who cares? Look, Clinton lost. She lost. The race was hers to lose and she lost it for whatever reason. The one way for Senator Barack Obama to become the wimp that Maureen Dowd from the New York Times has been trying to paint him as for the last 18 months is to cave in and select Clinton.

I just don’t understand why (some) folks can’t see that Clinton as a Vice President would be a bad thing. If Obama ever wanted to actually run the White House, he wouldn’t be able to with her by his side. Everyone would be looking to the former president for advice. Obama would say X then everyone would run to Bill and ask if he believed X was right or would he do Y. Obama would automatically become a sub-president with Bill Clinton in the White House. This is a no-brainer.

Now, the important question: What percentage of Clinton supporters will vote for Senator John McCain or stay home? Ten percent? Five percent? I don’t think that we know this number, so only time will tell. Again, I would stress that the CNN poll showing that 27 percent of Clinton supporters will vote for McCain is garbage. Voters are terrible predictors of their own future behavior.

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