What's Going On

Good evening. It’s time for the news round-up.

  • The way deficit is up. I thought that after seven years of Republican rule, the deficit would be under control. Tax cuts were supposed to spur investment in pay-off for deficit. I’m guessing it just didn’t work out as they planned.
  • Rumors abound about North Korea’s reclusive ruler Kim Jong Il. The North Korean leader failed to appear at a military parade earlier today. Some have suggested that he has had a major stroke.
  • President Bush dusted off an oldie but goodie today: The surge is working, but yet it hasn’t quite worked. We can withdraw a miniscule amount of troops — 8000. The gains that we’ve made are tenuous. Yada, yada, yada. This is interesting in the wake of all the publicity surrounding Bob Woodward’s new book. The Pulitzer prize-winning author suggests that the military leaders did not and do not support the surge.
  • Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has new allegations to fend off. It appears that the “maverick” billed Alaskan taxpayers for 312 nights in which she was supposed to be traveling when, in fact, she was at home. Oops. It be interesting to see if this story gains traction.
  • One hundred fifty-seven years worth of investment experience may be going down the drain at Lehman Brothers. The investment bank has lost more than 91 percent since February of 2007. No matter how you look at this, it’s bad. Is another bailout in the works?
  • For reasons that are unclear, cyclist Lance Armstrong, has announced that he is going to compete in another Tour de France. Why?