What's going on – News Roundup

Thursday Evening News Roundup – So, let’s see what’s going on.

  • I still don’t see how a company grows by shrinking but I guess something has to be done.  GM is temporarily closing 13 plants.  They have a backlog of some 700,000 cars.  I think that we need to make stuff again in the country.  We need to make cars.  We need to make shoes.  We need to make things that have real value.  Moving money around can be done anywhere.  If American is going to continue to be on the top of the heap then we need an auto industry that works.  Delphi, once a part of  GM and now a major supplier, is in major trouble.
  • GOP is blocking the nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius.  Some on the Right are seizing because one of her contributors is a physician who performs abortions.  I’m not sure what she is supposed to do.  If he is performing something that is legal in her state then what’s the problem? Arizona Senator JonKyl, one of least favorite senators, opposes the Obama administration’s plan to invest in research to compare treatments to determine the best treatment.  Now, I don’t know how one could oppose looking for the best treatments.  If you don’t look for the best treatment then you can’t have truly cost effective medicine.  I guess that he is happy with 41 million American without healthcare.
  • Did the Bush Administration strong arm Bank of America into merging with debt ridden Merrill Lynch?  I wouldn’t be surprised.
  • The Heritage Foundation is upset over the latest cap and trade bill.  They think that it will kill jobs.  I don’t know if this bill will kill jobs or not.  I do know that the GOP doesn’t know how to create jobs.  This is clear.  So, how would the right leaning Heritage Foundation know anything about job creation? I do know that investing in “green” technology should create tens of thousands of jobs.
  • What do we (the media) keep inviting a Cheney on the air?  We know what they are going to say?  Liz Cheney (I responded to an Op-Ed she wrote here)  and Norah O’Donnell have a knock down drag out but to Norah’s credit, she never backed down.
  • Just as I thought, once there was a head of stream, Congressional wimps Democrats would begin to investigate everything.  Now, they are going to look into domestic spying.
  • I did find the world’s greatest book review.  I’m still laughing.