Thursday Morning News Roundup

devastation in Branson Missouri

The devastation throughout the Midwest turned out to be a lot worse than I realized. Turn away and don’t even think about saying that warm temperatures could have led to this. Don’t go there.

Conservative activist and blogger Andrew Breitbart is dead. According to the story on the Huffington Post, he died of natural causes. As a trauma surgeon, I can tell you that 43-year-old men do not die of natural causes. 83-year-old men can die of natural causes (not really). The fact that he was so out of control when we last saw him screaming at a Occupy Movement suggests that drugs and alcohol could’ve been involved. But who knows? In spite of the fact that I did not agree with almost anything that came out of this guy’s mouth and I did not agree with his tactics, I’m always saddened by the death of another human being. My prayers go out to his friends and family. (BTW, what the hell are natural causes? That’s not a diagnosis.)

Windows 8 is ready for preview. As for me, I’m ready to be underwhelmed.

Davy Jones, from the ’60s pop group the Monkees, is dead.

United States beat Italy in soccer. Clint Dempsey, from East Texas, scored the winning goal. This is the first time in 70 years that the USA has beaten a powerhouse like Italy. USA, USA!!!

Personal income increased in January.

Rick Santorum’s loss in Michigan, in my opinion, will make it difficult, if not impossible, for him to do anything significant for the rest of this Republican primary season. If you listen to his speeches over the last several weeks, they become more and more like sermons. As he belittles Obama and liberals, he’s talking more and more about family values and how to live your life and the ultimate path to happiness. His speeches are nice but they aren’t putting him on a path to the White House. He has yet to establish himself as an expert in anything other than conservative social issues. He has not established himself on foreign policy, energy independence, the economy, jobs creation or anything other than marriage and abortion. I admit that this is an oversimplification but in essence that’s what he is pushing. He is dead in the water. His candidacy is over.

Chief federal judge Richard Cebull sent a racist e-mail from his federal e-mail account. In spite of the fact that the e-mail suggests carnal acts between Obama’s mother and a dog, the federal judge insists that he’s not a racist. Maybe he thought that the e-mail was terribly funny. I laughed until I stopped.

The Koch brothers are suing the Cato Institute over mismanagement of their monies.

Olympia Snow has announced that she is not running for reelection. Democrats could use a good solid candidate in order to take that Republican-held seat.

The Blunt amendment is slowly making its way to the Senate. This amendment, in essence, will allow employers to cover whatever they want to cover under ObamaCare. Basically, employers do not have to cover contraception or anything else that they don’t really want to cover. It will gut ObamaCare.  Now, more that ever, we need better healthcare coverage. We need the Full Monty. We don’t need hidden pitfalls.

From the Economic Policy Institute