Saturday Update

  •  So, who believes that the Warriors were blown out by the Cavs? I’m just asking because I still don’t believe it. The Cavs can’t score that much in practice. That was crazy. (The thing that makes the Warriors different from the Suns of 5 or 6 years ago, who have been a scoring machine for over a decade, is defense. Suddenly the whole team forgot how to play defense. Really??)
  • Did you notice that Anti-Sharia Law rallies happened yesterday? So, we are rallying to prevent something that no one is asking for right? Okay…
  • We know that Trump has become successful by buffalo’ing his way into and over problems. Firing Comey is a disaster of his own making.  Why did Trump want to meet with Comey so many times? Why did they need to meet in private? I’m thinking that there are tapes. Trump wants to write a book to document his greatness. So there are tapes but he will not release them until he is compelled to. Without tapes it is Trump’s word against Comey’s.
  • GOP is still pushing to take away healthcare from Americans. (There is no talk of replacement.)