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News Roundup – Boehner, Marriage, Rangel, Healthcare

I’m not sure why, but John Boehner is suing Barack Obama. Oh, I’m sorry. I do know why. This is a fund raising stunt. If he is able to keep Republicans all riled up… they could win the Senate.

6 Signs that your marriage is on the rocks.

I thought that Charles Rangel was politically dead. I guess not. He won his primary race. Now whether he should win or not is a different question.

A study that came out comparing healthcare in multiple countries found that we continue to be awful. We spend more money and have worse outcomes.

I don’t have all of the answers, but I do have a few. When you look at the chart above, how many of the countries that deliver “good” healthcare are insurance based? Could we get better outcomes if we, the American people, focused on the doctor-patient relationship? The problem is not that there isn’t good healthcare in the US. There is. There is GREAT healthcare, but there is also really, really bad healthcare. We need to keep the GREAT and get rid of the bad.

Hey, the Supreme Court ruled that the police have to get a warrant to search my cellphone. This is a victory for privacy. Nice editorial in the NYT.

Oh, there is nothing quite as entertaining as Republican in-fighting on Fox News. Neil Cavuto and Michele Bachmann get into it. It is kind of funny.


News Roundup – Medicare, ObamaCare, Jim Dement, Scottie Pippen

medicare payments

For the first time ever, Medicare released information on how it pays doctors. From my standpoint, I think this is a good thing. I think the American public needs to know how our government is spending our money. I know that the American Medical Association has fought this tooth and nail for years. As you can imagine, many doctors are not happy that their financial data is now out in the ethernet. You can read more about it here.

Because more Americans are getting insurance, one of the best things that I’ve ever seen – a free clinic closes. ObamaCare is working. :-) Continue reading

Medical Disaster


I think one could say that the American healthcare system is currently under a Renaissance. We’re trying to avoid medical disasters. These are patients who should do extremely well and should survive. Somehow, through negligence, through inattention to detail or through medical errors disaster strikes. Doctors are feeling pressure to change both from within and from outside of medicine. Everybody wants better outcomes. We want fewer complications. We want fewer deaths. On one hand, simply better attention to detail should help us down this path to better outcomes. On the other hand, we need better research, better protocols, better guidelines and better therapies to offer our patients.

The following is a tale of horror which can only be described as a medical disaster. I have no independent information other than what is presented in this article.

Mary Roseann Milne, 61, checked into Medical City Dallas on April 13, 2011 for an operation to correct an irregular heartbeat. The procedure, an AV node ablation, is routine, at least as far as heart surgeries go, but something went wrong. Ten hours after her surgery began, Milne was pronounced dead. Continue reading