Dumbest article on ObamaCare Award


The New York Times just published an article on the millions of Americans who are not covered with the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). I’m sorry, but this is the dumbest article that I have read on ObamaCare thus far. It is like saying that your new car can’t fly. You didn’t buy an airplane. You bought a car. ObamaCare was not supposed to fix all of America’s Healthcare problems. It was never designed to cover everyone.

“How can somebody in poverty not be eligible for subsidies?” an unemployed health care worker in Virginia asked through tears. The woman, who identified herself only as Robin L. because she does not want potential employers to know she is down on her luck, thought she had run into a computer problem when she went online Tuesday and learned she would not qualify.

This is one of the heart wrenching sections of the article. Progressives wanted the Affordable Care Act to cover everyone. We thought that would be the floor of the debate. We were hoping that at the very least we would develop a health care system that would cover everyone. Unfortunately, conservatives in Congress and some conservative Democrats thought that this price tag was just too high. We couldn’t afford it. So covering everyone, a basic idea, was scrapped. The fact that the Affordable Care Act doesn’t cover everyone should be no surprise. We fought over this subject. We, the progressive community, and the American poor, lost this fight. It was a very public loss. No progressive was happy with it.

I’ll try and post more later. I think that cost of personal suffering and the cost to hospitals, doctors and society is too high not to cover everyone. I’ll try and get some data for you on that later.