What's Going On? Evening News Round-up

My picks from the day’s news:

  • One of my readers is not happy with my discussion of the Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and teenage pregnancy. I’m sorry that he wasn’t happy and that he thought that I’m gutless. I wonder if it’s fair to talk about Palin the reformer? Maybe that is off-limits too.
  • I am still puzzled by Presidential hopeful John McCain’s refrain of “Drill, Baby, Drill.” Why is drilling a good thing? I don’t think that it is bad, but applause? Why?
  • Speaking of oil and drilling… OPEC is thinking about cutting production in order to keep the price of oil over $100 per barrel. Our friends the Saudi’s, have vowed to keep production at its current level. Well, that fills me with warm fuzzies.
  • There seems to be lots of reporters who are writing about the back-and-forth between the Obama camp and the McCain camp regarding lipstick on a pig. Of course, this distracts Americans away from the real issues. Our economy is in the toilet. We still don’t have a strategy for getting out of Iraq. We are no closer to Osama bin Laden. More and more of our troops are dying in Afghanistan as the Taliban returns. (Admiral Mullen stated that we are not winning in Afghanistan.) These are the issues that I want to hear about.
  • Lehman Brothers are desperately trying to restructure their debt and sell off whatever everything they can. They released their third-quarter earnings statements early in order to fend off criticism and speculation. They lost $3.9 billion last quarter. That is added to the $2 billion they lost in the first quarter of this year. Lehman Brothers have survived two World Wars and a Great Depression but may not be able to survive the deregulation in tax cuts by the Bush administration.
  • You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Drudge, of the Drudge Report, has been on the sidelines. He really hasn’t made any headlines are breaking news. He really hasn’t done anything significant since the Clinton camp stopped feeding him information. Drudge completely botched the lipstick story. Is anyone surprised?
  • A new scandal is beginning to engulf the Department of the Interior. These are the kind of scandals that I like. It contains sex and drugs but, unfortunately, no rock ‘n roll. It does contain lots of money though.
  • EJ Donnie of the Washington Post asked the question, “Does the Truth Matter any More?” Nice OpEd.