Race and Moolah

Continuing my discussion on race, I was trying to figure out what is the best way to present the ideas of Derrick Bell. I think we can look at this data in almost any order. First, let’s look at unemployment data from 1972 up until the present.

Black and White Unemployment Rates

Although black unemployment reached the peak of almost 20% back in 1983, black unemployment seems to be 5 to 10% higher than white unemployment.

Household wealth. The disparity is mindnumbing.

Median Wealth by Race

Let’s jut look at those folks who are raking in the money, just the top 5%. Then let’s look at the lower limit income necessary to get into this group. These are mostly highly-educated folks. The income disparity should be minor.

As you look at this data, there is a persistent trend. Why? If you’re going to assume that everybody is created with approximately the same intelligence and that everybody who lives in America and has been born in America has approximately the same desire for success, what explains these disparities?

How do we explain this? Even if you’re going to say that the black population is more violent and more prone to criminal activity (which, in my opinion, is inherently untrue and probably a racist statement) why would this tendency or this trend increase over time? Is there something else going on?

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