Monday Evening News Roundup

I’m still recovering over my disappointment… No, that’s not right. Frustration? No, that’s not quite the right word either. I’m still recovering after witnessing the utter collapse of the Dallas Cowboys on national TV. I have no idea how a team that is supposed to go deep into the playoffs loses a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter. More on this later.

Staying on sports, Serena Williams lost to Samantha Stosur on Sunday. (No, that’s not right either. I’m having trouble choosing the right words. Sorry.) Samantha Stosur dominated and embarrassed Serena Williams like we’ve never seen in a grand slam. Serena was never in the match. Rafael Nadal, defending champion, lost to Novak Djokovic in four sets today in the U.S. Open. No matter who you’re rooting for, if you love tennis, there was great tennis played in both of these matches.

The Republican Tea Party debate is going on now on CNN. I have no further comment.

After 30 years of Republicans eagerly cutting and Democrats timidly cutting the safety net, real hardship is returning to the United States.

Speaking of hardship, Americans are on pace to spend a record amount of money on gasoline this year.

Do you remember when you were asked to give up your pensions and pour your money into a 403B or 401(k) in order for you to get “higher returns on your money”? Well, how do you retire when there are these huge market swings? You can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if you retire on Monday instead of on Friday. These huge market swings and market volatility are excellent examples of why we, the average American citizen, should not be in the market.


There seems to be some mounting evidence that this is the most anti-environmental Congress in history. I’m not quite sure how you measure that, but I can tell you they haven’t been supportive of the environment.

I don’t understand how you vote to rebuild Iraq but for some reason you oppose rebuilding America. How is this possible in an American congressman? I guess you’ll have to ask Eric Cantor.

It appears that Diane Feinstein has got some campaign finance issues. Her campaign appears to be out of money. I’m not sure how that happened. Then again, I’m not supposed to know. The senator is not sure how that happened. I’m pretty sure that she is supposed to know…

So, what’s on your mind this evening?