It is kind of funny. The talk was that the Dallas Cowboys could run the table. Seven wins in a row. Come on. When was the last time that the Cowboys won seven games in a row? A decade ago? Look, today showed us a couple of things. The Dallas Cowboys are not a playoff team. Sure, they could have made the playoffs at 8-8 or 7-9 (because the division is awful) and be booted in the first round. 

Offense – The Cowboys just aren’t that good on offense. We fell behind early. We haven’t scored more than 25 points in a game in weeks. None of the Cowboy receivers can get off of press coverage besides Dez and he isn’t fully healthy yet. Williams was exposed during the Patroit game. He was completely shut down. We really haven’t had a running game. McFadden has been okay. Not great, but okay. Randle was a joke. It was unfortunate that Dunbar got hurt. Our offensive line hasn’t been as good as they were last year. So, when you can’t run the ball and your receivers can’t get open, you can’t score points. 

Defense – Last year’s defense was magical. They were put together with duct tape. Basically, a bunch of nobodies were thrown together and somehow they played very well together. They forced turnovers. They  tackled. They were flying around. This group is different. They aren’t protected by a Dallas ground game which eats the clock. They are average at best. There is no pass rush. Dallas is okay at stopping the run. We really can cover …sort of. That’s the defense in a nutshell. 

So, this is the team that was supposed to make the playoffs? The Super Bowl? Come on. We need some players. We need a running back that can run over a few folks. We need a back-up quarterback who can push the ball down the field. We need a pass rush. We need a cover corner or two. I love Sean Lee, but he gets hurt a lot. We need a healthy Dez Bryant who can dominate. Finally, we need Jerry Jones to make good personnnel decisions (stop laughing)!!!