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Rape is not a joke

I don’t understand how in some people’s minds rape is a joke. It is something to laugh about on social media. Rape is a serious crime, like assault or murder. It needs to be treated as such by everyone.

From TP:

In an incident that shares several elements with the infamous Steubenville rape case that made national headlines last year, a 16-year-old girl from Texas says that photos of her unconscious body went viral online after she was drugged and raped at a party with her fellow high schoolers. But the victim isn’t backing down. She’s speaking out about what happened to her, telling her story to local press and asking to be identified as Jada.


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Not a Joke


Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid Colonel Sanders! Now, that’s a joke. It might be a very bad joke, but it is a joke nonetheless. Okay, here’s another joke – Yo’ daddy’s so ugly, when he looked out the window he was arrested for mooning! A joke is something said or done to cause laughter. Asking a gay man to come over to your house and then beating him so severely that he has a skull fracture and facial fractures isn’t a joke. This is assault and battery. Stuffing a man into the trunk of a car isn’t a joke. That is kidnapping. Specially targeting someone because of their race or sexual orientation is a hate crime. I find it disgusting and sad that things like this continue to go on in 2014.

From TPM:

(Brice) Johnson, who is now 19, faces a federal hate crime charge for what happened next.

According to documents filed this month in federal court in Texas, Johnson invited (Aaron) Keahey over to his home in Springtown, and the two of them exchanged cellphone numbers. They then sent each other explicit text messages, and Johnson urged Keahey to hurry on over. Keahey arrived at Johnson’s house a few minutes before 5:30 a.m. Johnson met him outside. Shortly after that, court documents allege, Johnson “severely beat” Keahey, and then stuffed Keahey into the trunk of Keahey’s own car. (more…)

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News Roundup – Happy New Year, Jahi McMath, Drought in California

happy new year

I would like to wish you and yours a very healthy, prosperous, blessed Happy New Year!!

Jahi McMath. Sigh. It has been eight years since we have had an opportunity, as a nation, to discuss death and dying. Terri Schiavo provided us the last opportunity. We fumbled the ball and never got into the discussion. Now, we have Jahi McMath. First, let’s understand that this is a tragedy of epic proportions. A 14-year-old, previously healthy teenager should not go into the hospital for a routine operation and end up brain-dead. This should never happen. Secondly, in the United States since the late 1950s brain death has equaled death. Brain death is an irreversible condition. In the condition of brain death, the patient has lost all measurable brain function. This means that not only is there no evidence of higher brain function like thought and following commands, but neither is there evidence of lower brain function, which would include pupillary response, spontaneous breathing and other brain reflexes. There is no hope, with current medical technology, to reverse this syndrome. Because Jahi McMath was previously healthy and also extremely young, her heart is able to pump blood through her body without the assistance of her brain. The heart is on autopilot. Unfortunately, this is the state that in which she has been since December 12. Currently, the family is looking for facilities that will “take care of” their daughter. To what end? The harsh reality is that their daughter is gone. Unless we, the medical community, can come up with some way to regenerate dead brain cells or to transplant a brain, their daughter is not coming back. This is an extremely sad case. I hope and pray that the family and parents of Jahi McMath find peace and understanding. I’ll have more to say on this later. (more…)

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