Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid Colonel Sanders! Now, that’s a joke. It might be a very bad joke, but it is a joke nonetheless. Okay, here’s another joke – Yo’ daddy’s so ugly, when he looked out the window he was arrested for mooning! A joke is something said or done to cause laughter. Asking a gay man to come over to your house and then beating him so severely that he has a skull fracture and facial fractures isn’t a joke. This is assault and battery. Stuffing a man into the trunk of a car isn’t a joke. That is kidnapping. Specially targeting someone because of their race or sexual orientation is a hate crime. I find it disgusting and sad that things like this continue to go on in 2014.

From TPM:

(Brice) Johnson, who is now 19, faces a federal hate crime charge for what happened next.

According to documents filed this month in federal court in Texas, Johnson invited (Aaron) Keahey over to his home in Springtown, and the two of them exchanged cellphone numbers. They then sent each other explicit text messages, and Johnson urged Keahey to hurry on over. Keahey arrived at Johnson’s house a few minutes before 5:30 a.m. Johnson met him outside. Shortly after that, court documents allege, Johnson “severely beat” Keahey, and then stuffed Keahey into the trunk of Keahey’s own car.

Johnson drove Keahey’s car to a family friend’s house, and left Keahey in the trunk. Prosecutors believe that Keahey was bound with an electrical cord at this point, and say that as he came in and out of consciousness in the trunk, he yelled for help. People in the house told Johnson he had to take Keahey to medical care — which he did, dropping Keahey off at an emergency medical services station at about 7 a.m. Johnson told a cop who drove him home that he had found Keahey beaten in the trunk of his own car, and had witnessed a black truck driving away from the scene. But that story quickly crumbled.

The next day, according to the court documents, Keahey spoke again with law enforcement officers, and admitted that he had invited Keahey over. But he claimed that Keahey had grabbed his penis, which prompted him to hit Keahey “about five times.” Johnson told the officers that he wasn’t gay, and while he acknowledged trading sexual messages with Keahey on MeetMe, he said he didn’t think the messages were “for real.” A week later, on Sept. 10, Johnson was arrested. In a jailhouse phone call with a family member, Johnson allegedly said that the assault had been “a joke that went too far.”