The House Of Representatives voted to give themselves a pay raise of $3300.  These 2% cost-of-living raise is in direct contrast to stagnant American wages.  Congress has a bizarre rule which allows them not to vote on cost-of-living raises and the bill to continue to pass so this gives your congressman and mine plausible deniability.  They can all stand up and smile and say, “I didn’t vote for any cost-of-living wage increases.”

Remember last week Senator Bill Frist was discussing the “new” fiscal responsibility that Congress was showing.  I continue to see no evidence of fiscal responsibility.

Maybe, we should tie the salaries of our congressmen to the median income of Americans.  If you are in the House of Representatives you should get four times the median income, if you’re in the Senate you can get five times the median income.  Then maybe we can get some fiscal policies out of Washington that will actually help middle America.