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News Roundup – Ferguson, Super CEO, Inflation Fairy

Have we learned nothing from history? The violence and confusion that is currently happening in Ferguson, Mo. was completely predictable. There are lessons from the 1960s which seem to have been completely forgotten. There are the lessons from the England soccer riots, too, but this seems to be a new lesson in how to do everything wrong. Arresting journalists? For what? Arresting a city alderman? BTW, how does an unarmed Black man get shot to death?

Arthur T. Demoulas should be rewarded and not fired for trying to do the right thing. From Robert ReichContinue reading

A really expensive smartphone

These days just about everyone has a smartphone. Dumb phones are a thing of the past. They are so 1999. Now days everyone is trying to get the latest and fastest smartphone. Why? It is like blue jean jackets in the 70’s. Only the coolest of the cool have the smartest of the smartphones. Therefore, unless you are rocking the Vertu Signature Touch. You ain’t nothing. BTW, do you have $11,000? (I’m not rocking the Vertu.)

From PC Mag:

I live in a 9-by-8-foot, windowless room in lower Manhattan, mattress haplessly laid on a bare floor. My diet is dominated by one-dollar slices and five-dollar footlongs. I’m a person of limited means, to say the least. And yet here I sit, holding the $10,800 Vertu Signature Touch, an Android smartphone that is, ounce for ounce, more costly than gold. It’s the absolute height of mobile decadence, complete with a personal concierge at your beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Popping bottles in exclusive clubs, driving Bentleys down the French Riviera, and private mini submarine tours around the Maldives—all these things and more are just a button press away for Vertu owners. To hold it is at once exhilarating and terrifying. But this phone isn’t meant for schlubs like me; this is strictly catering to high-net-worth clientele. For a few fleeting days, though, I got a small glimpse into how the proverbial other half lives. And let me tell you, fellow plebes, they live quite well.

That’s not to say I think the Signature Touch is actually worth its weight in gold—far from it. But unlike previous luxury phones from Vertu, the Signature Touch is actually equipped to compete with more common flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S5$99.99 at Amazon and HTC One (M8)$99.99 at Amazon. That means a speedy Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip, beautiful 1080p display, and modern Android 4.4 software. It’s an excellent phone with impressive perks for the one-percenters who can afford it. The rest of us can keep dreaming.

Why Matt Lauer gets the moron of the week award

If you are interviewing the Chairwoman of General Motors (Mary Barra) there are a thousand great questions to ask. Matt Lauer had this opportunity earlier this week. He could have asked how does a major auto defect go overlooked for more than 5 years? Why is it that the NTHSA had to point out the problem before you took action? Why is it that GM cars aren’t the best cars in the world? Why isn’t the Cadillac better than the Lexus or the BMW or the Mercedes? When is GM going to invest in the American worker since most of GM’s profits are made here in the US? Unfortunately, Matt Lauer decided to steer away from thoughtful questions and ask some really, really offensive question about how much time she is spending with her kids.

The actual question was

“You’re a mom, I mentioned, two kids, you said in an interview not long ago that your kids said they’re going to hold you accountable for one job, and that is being a mom,” he said. “Given the pressure at General Motors, can you do both well?”

His blantantly offensive statements don’t stop there. There was this jewel also –

“I want to tread lightly here, but you’ve heard it, you’ve heard it in Congress and you’ve heard it in the headlines. … But there are some people who are speculating that you got this job as a woman and as a mom because people within General Motors knew this company was in for a very tough time, and as a woman and a mom you could present a softer face and a softer image for the company as it goes through the episode [faulty parts linked to deaths],”

In the year 2014, these kind of moronic statements should be relegated to the dustbin of history.