• rlmcgary

    Isn’t that sort of a pun? The lamest of lame ducks must duck…at least a bit of a play on words… 🙂

  • Glenn Atias

    This is very different than what reporters do at Obama’s press conferences. At his, they put their hands on their heads and scream like it’s a 1964 Beatle’s concert, and throw their underwear up on stage.

    Which in the case of Helen Thomas, should actually be considered an attempt to assassinate the President-elect.

    Nonetheless, this needs to be investigated. Why did some witness claim to have seen three shoes thrown if the man only has two feet? Who threw the third shoe? How is it that one shoe, apparently bounced off the head of a Jordanian cameraman, changed trajectories in mid flight, and headed straight towards Bush? I’m not buying the “magic shoe theory” some are proposing.

  • cinco

    An apology would be nice I think as if this was done here some sort of response from the government might be given.

  • JeffLeon

    Near-universal glee has greeted this joyous incident. Why doesn’t anyone here in America have the guts to do that?

    Who wouldn’t adore to bounce something off Bush’s head? And despite being broke, we’re still a capitalist country.

    Let’s retire the Republican national debt with worldwide sales of Winners-Get-To Bean-Bush-With-A-Shoe (or a Rotten Tomato or an Anvil or a Meadow Muffin) lottery tickets. In return for his participating, we’ll agree not to prosecute Bush for all his crimes.

  • Jeff –

    You are cracking me up. would be nice.

    In all seriousness, I don’t want any American president beaned by a reporter. I want Bush to sit trial. It won’t happen but that’s what I want.