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What border security?

The Bush administration has been pounding the table about security and the lessons of 9-11.  Besides exploiting 9-11 what did the Bush administration learn?  They learned how not to find their best weapon against the democrats – Osama Bin Laden.  They learned how to talk tough and do nothing but line the pockets of corporations like Halliburton and Blackwater USA.

I wonder how many terrorists can hide in a crowd of 21,000?



Government watchdogs have found that thousands of people who shouldn’t have been admitted to the United States were mistakenly allowed in last year because of security lapses at legal border crossings.

The number of inadmissible aliens who managed to enter through official ports of entry in 2006 was not disclosed in Monday’s report from the Government Accountability Office.

However, a source who has seen a full version of the report, in which those statistics were included, put the total at 21,000.  (more..)

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Mencia – Road signs

Whenever you think that prejudice is gone in our country just look around.  We all still have it.  Some of us do better than others squashing our prejudice.  Mencia finds a few people in South Cali who let it all hang out.

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