New Apple Watch

I haven’t figured out what to do with a smart watch. What information do I need on my watch and don’t really want on my phone? I can’t think of anything. I like having my Fitbit and I would rather the FitBit look a little nicer. Should I pay $600 for an Apple Watch for a better look? Anyway, here’s PCMag’s frist look:

This is the second time PCMag has had some hands-on time with the Apple Watch. The first time was in September, when Cupertino’s smartwatch was first announced. We were not allowed to put it on, and although we could tap a few buttons, it was pretty clear the watch was in demo mode and only capable of a limited number of tasks.

As a result, most of the story involved how it looked, which admittedly is pretty important for a smartwatch. Looks are the biggest reason people don’t want to wear watches. The other reason is that no one seems really clear on why they need a smartwatch. (more…)

Here are some of the best apps for your new Apple Watch.

Masters 2015 – Jordan Spieth, Rory McElroy, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods

masters spiethI’ve been trying to post something on the Masters for over a week now. I’ve been ridiculously busy. Anyway… Congratulations to Jordan Spieth on winning the 2015 Masters. (This was truly some GREAT golf!!!)

I’m not sure if you have been paying attention, but we’ve been told the last 5-10 years that in order to win and dominate the majors you have to be very long. You have to be Bubba Watson, Dustin Johnson – long. Jordan Spieth is not. Instead of being ridiculously long, Jordan appears to focus on accuracy, short game and putting. He had outrageous control of his golf ball.

Rory McElroy came into the Masters with probably the most possibility and the most pressure. He was going for his career grand slam. He played mediocre golf for his first 24 or so holes. Then, something happened. He played the rest of the course like he was ranked number one in the world and he was fighting for his life. Absolutely some fabulous golf.

Phil Mickelson remains one of the most entertaining golfers on the tour. He made some miraculous shots. His short game is second to none. His tee shots and approach shots continue to be adventures. They are either miraculous or, occasionally, wildly off-line. He will drain a 40-footer, but he will also lip out a three-footer. He played some fabulous golf and any other year he would’ve won the Masters with his performance.

Tiger Woods played some amazing golf on Friday and Saturday. He proved, once again, that he really can compete at the highest level. We will see in the coming months whether he will be able to put together for rounds of good golf in order to win a tournament. All the discussion of whether his short game would ever return to form completely silenced as he made some miraculous shots.

The 2015 Masters was extremely entertaining. Again, congratulations Jordan Spieth!

Lotte LPGA Championship

If you haven’t watched female golf, I think that you are really missing something. The Lotte LPGA Championship ended in dramatic fashion yesterday. Sei Young Kim needed to chip in from the fringe to force a playoff. Bam! She does it.

Sei Young Kim is now in a playoff with Inbee Park, the great veteran, ranked #3 in the world. They both place their tee shots in the fairway. Sei Young Kim then slam dunks her second shot from 154 yards to win. (It is kind of a Bill Murray moment – It’s in the hole!)

Congratulations to Sei Young Kim!!!